Breast Lift Beverly Hills

Breast Lift Beverly HillsThe effects of pregnancy and aging can lead to numerous changes to your breasts.  Drooping or sagging is a frequent result of this natural cycle of life and gravity.

Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke specialize in breast lift surgery, which is an outstanding solution to this problem.

Breast lift surgery can be the timely solution you require if drooping or sagging is affecting your self-image and confidence.  This procedure raises the positioning and support of your breasts to improve their look.

By removing excess breast tissue and fat and condensing skin tissue, your breasts can be reshaped to a more fulfilling level of beauty.

The areola, the dark skin surrounding your nipples, can expand with time.  A breast lift procedure can reduce the size of your areola and lift the position.  Under the care of our experienced professionals, you can receive an effective treatment that can rejuvenate the vitality and attractiveness of your breasts.

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