Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills

Tummy Tuck Beverly HillsFor the stubborn fat and skin laxity created by pregnancy that refuses to disappear from your body, a tummy tuck is the perfect solution to help obtain the body you deserve. 

This treatment works to remove some of the most persistent mounds of fat and skin through a simple restorative and uplifting procedure.

The experts at Mommy Makeover of Beverly Hills are among the most recognized in the field for their extensive tummy tuck treatments.

Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke work cooperatively to provide comprehensive body-changing treatments in this area.

A Tummy tuck involves the removal of extraneous fat and skin from your stomach and abdomen. With aging, heredity, and pregnancy, these areas are vulnerable to exhibiting loose or sagging skin.

With a tummy tuck procedure, the stomach is flattened and toned to add a more luxurious appearance to your body.  Your muscles are also tightened to reduce additional instances of loose skin.

Our surgical team possesses an abundance of experience when it comes to delivering remarkable body transformations.  We can provide the tummy tuck treatments that will satisfy you in both comfort and precision.

Let us prove our expertise to you, call us today for a life-changing experience!